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example sites for women and work

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women doctors time line example

New Library

Women work

Women and work hawaii

women physicians


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A nice example of Powerpoint presentation

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The Open Graph Protocol Design Decisions

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Statistical games

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Data/Software/iformation sources (free)

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This is a loose compilation of sources of meta data/journals/software etc. related to population and health, concerning international issues in general but in particular the USA and Pakistan. I think this can be potentially very useful for graduate students of these two countries.

Databases/software (free) for social sciences and public health:

Univ of Michigan Database of data files

Princeton university Dataset sources for Pakistan

The Data Online for Population, Health and Nutrition (DOLPHN) system is an online statistical data resource containing selected current and historical country-level demographic and health indicator data. The DOLPHN system is designed to provide users with quick and easy access to frequently used statistics and can be helpful as both a reference and analytical tool.

Interesting link for PhD students

UNICEF/WHO sanitation and water

Open Source Publishing

Jstor Data

Google and Wiley Interscience

Harvard data related to public health
The purpose of this website is to provide public health professionals, researchers, policy makers and students with a comprehensive catalog of Maternal and Child Health (MCH) data sets, interactive tools and other resources.

A UH student analysis on different meta-data sources:

RAND dataset

UN population data

CDC newborn feeding practices datasets

CDC datasets on breastfeeding practices:

The Cochare Library (great for public health publications)

JHUCCP research tool database

Research Gate

PRB Data Finder

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Sampling definitions

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Want to learn basics of sampling in surveys?

Here are some simple ones:

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Wedding Checklist from Hilton Hawaiian

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Wedding checklist

The following checklist should help you fulfill your wedding needs from the minute you get engaged to the second your honeymoon flight leaves the tarmac. However, these tasks are not all-inclusive.

There may be additional chores related to your specific situation. Consult with your wedding coordinator or Hilton wedding planner if you have additional questions or concerns.

Getting Started

  • Introduce both families and officially announce engagement
  • Start a budget
  • Start a guest list
  • Select a tentative date and alternate date
  • Consider whether you want to hire a wedding coordinator
  • Create a gift registry
  • Research wedding etiquette


  • Consider having an engagement announcement party (Request Pricing)
  • Sign up for one or more gift registries
  • Give shower hostess(es) guest list
  • Begin thank-you notes for showers and early gifts
  • Consider booking a cocktail party (Request Pricing)


  • Determine out-of-town guest list
  • Select hotel(s) for your out-of-town guests
  • Use our Guest List Manager so you can reserve and track guest reservations
  • Set up Personalized Online Group so guests can book online
  • Determine parking and transportation needs
  • Send reservation deadline reminder to guests who haven’t booked
  • Consider whether to provide amenity bags

Rehearsal Dinner

  • Select rehearsal dinner time and location (check out our Group Value Dates)
  • Meet with caterer/chef/planner and choose rehearsal dinner menu and beverages
  • Order and send out rehearsal dinner invitations
  • Determine parking and transportation


  • Choose your attendants
  • Start researching wedding gowns
  • Investigate ceremony sites
  • Visit and book ceremony site for wedding day (and rehearsal)
  • Send out save-the-date email
  • Consider buying wedding insurance
  • Send an engagement photo to the local newspaper
  • Visit bridal salon and try on gowns
  • Find a florist
  • Find a wedding photographer and/or videographer
  • Order gown and veil
  • Select bridesmaids’ dresses
  • Select wedding favors
  • Buy gown accessories (shoes, purse, lingerie)
  • Choose an officiant
  • Purchase wedding rings
  • Select groom’s tux and groomsmen attire
  • Place order for invitations
  • Purchase wedding favors and accessories
  • Send out invitations
  • Select makeup artist and hair stylist
  • Finalize ceremony details (music, readings, solos, etc.)
  • Have gown fitting(s)
  • Apply for marriage license
  • Look into name change, if applicable
  • Consider something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue


  • Investigate reception sites (check out our Group Value Dates)
  • Visit and book reception site
  • Determine parking and transportation
  • Determine a reception agenda (order of program and length of time for each activity)
  • Meet with caterer/chef/planner and come up with menu ideas
  • Get ideas for music, select a band or DJ (make sure A/V equipment needs are met)
  • Consider signing up for a dance class
  • Decide on wedding and groom’s cakes (if not prepared by hotel staff,
    can cake be brought in?)
  • Schedule tasting and finalize menu
  • If applicable, rent equipment (tables, chairs, etc.)
  • If applicable, order beverages
  • Determine seating arrangements and prepare place cards


  • Determine a honeymoon budget
  • Start investigating destinations
  • Choose and book wedding night bridal suite, if applicable
  • Choose and book honeymoon destination (hotel, travel, transportation, etc.)
  • Determine if you need a passport, visa, immunizations, etc.
  • Make a travel checklist (and purchase any needed items)
  • Make plans for pets, plants, paper pickup, etc.
  • Reconfirm plans (flights, rental cars, etc.)

After the Wedding

  • Get your gown cleaned and properly stored
  • Preserve your bouquet, if applicable
  • Complete name change kit
  • Meet with photographer and/or videographer

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Bangladesh and Pakistan

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There is so much venom in Bangladeshis of all age, size and color, for Pakistanis that I have given up any hope of having any reconciliation between the two countries, at least in my life time. There are strained relationships between many other countries like China and Japan, Indonesia and East Timor, Korea and Japan etc. due to one reason or other, but the amount of open hatred oozed by Bangladeshis cannot be matched by any.

I have felt it, seen it and have been targeted by it in Bangladesh and also in the US and Australia. If you look at different Bangladeshi forums on the internet, you will notice how the young and old alike like to just talk about what Pakistani army did in 1971. To the extent that war crimes are morally wrong, no matter against whom, I find the extension of hatred of the Bongs towards Pakistanis irrational and counter productive for peace in South Asia.

Despite apologies from Pakistan government, on several occasions for the atrocities of Pakistan Army perpertrated on Bengalis (East Pakistanis) in the 1971 War, Bangladeshis have neither forgiven nor forgotten the past. May be the whole nation’s collective psyche has nothing else to mull about in the absence of any bright future of the poverty trapped country. A joint hatred towards Pakistan at least gives them a thread of nationalism, commonality and something to be passionate about.

It may take one or two generations for Bangladeshis to come out of their arrested development caused by living in the past and they may realize that channeling their energies to solve real problems of the country like poverty is far more useful in the long run, than to hound the Jamat leaders in the country and mourn 1971. So, may be meanwhile Pakistan and Pakistanis should stop providing apologies for the wrongs of 1971 and let time heal the wounds of the two countries.

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